Batman_Eternal_44Tonight on Gotham’s most wanted, the Dark Knight hunts for the evil Professor Achilles Milo. Wait a minute, who? As always we start with the cover, Batman crashes through a window in pursuit of a guy trying to escape with a passport. And more to the point, who is he? The preview of this issue (online) made the man look like Carmine Falcone but looking at the cover of the comic, I can see that he is not Carmine Falcone.

We begin in the GCPD where the cops are questioning three Arkham escapees about a person. One of the cops looks like Captain Maggie Sawyer but no one says her name so I can’t be sure if it is her. It reminds me of an intro to a second part of a two-part episode of CSI. The three escaped fugitives tell us a name. We cut to Batman talking to Julia as he begins his hunt for Professor Achilles Milo. Great choice of a name. Probably won’t hear that name again after the series ends. We also have another art style change but it looks like a previous art style that we have seen before in this series.

We soon find out that the entire Bat family is looking for this Professor Milo. We have yet to learn why this Professor Milo is such a big deal but we know from the preview summary on the web site that he knows what’s going on. We cut to Luke Fox’s apartment where we continue his stories from issue 37. Luke Fox is dealing with a ghost infestation. I don’t know if it was a right point in the story line to put this. I sure don’t want to go through what Luke Fox’s is going through right now. Where are the Ghost Busters when you need them?

We cut again to the apartment of Bluebird. We see the Spoiler trying to leave the apartment as Bluebird tries to stop her. Spoiler is still convinced the Bruce Wayne is Hush which is very interesting and opens more pathways for future issues. Bluebird points something at the Spoiler but I can’t tell if it’s a gun or what. Spoiler and Bluebird start a fight with no clear victor. I thought they resolved their issues in the last issue so I am a bit confused.

At the Gotham International Airport, Professor Milo is checking himself in as the security spots him. Professor Milo obviously does not have a good disguise on if the security recognizes him right away. Here is a tip for everyone: unless you have a great disguise do not go to the airport with a warrant on your head. The security guards catch up with Professor Milo only to have him release a smoke bomb. We see from the panels that the smoke bomb also contains hallucinogenic chemicals.

As soon as the bomb goes off, Professor Milo tries to run away but Batman crashes through a window in front of him. The complaint I have with this, is it not clear in which direction Batman is crashing in. A short fight ensues between Professor Milo and Batman but soon Batman get the upper hand. Batman attaches a hook to Professor Milo’s belt and hoists him up to the ceiling. This doesn’t look like it is doing much good to the Professor’s back.

With the Professor being dealt with, the people in the airport are under the influence of the gas left over from the bomb. Batman has to tie up people so that they don’t hurt each other. This may look and sound violent for Batman but at this time it is the only thing that Batman can do. Professor Milo uses this time that Batman is distracted to cut the rope and start his escape. As much as this is to add drama, Professor Milo would have two big obstacles in his way, one is a back injury and two is thirty foot drop between him and the floor. Despite this, he is still able to run outside.

Professor Milo does not get too far due to the fact that the Bat plane catches up with him. Here is where I usually would say Batman would not have enough time to get into the Bat plane and catch Professor Milo but I am going to give it to the author for this one. The way the last few pages were set up gave Batman just enough time to finish what he is doing and get in the Bat plane, but just barely. We learn that Batman is controlling the Bat plane by voice commands as he commands it to fire at Professor Milo to only disarm him. This is something I forgot that the Bat plane could do. I didn’t realize it could be commanded vocally.

Batman jumps in front of Professor Milo to violently interrogate him. The only words we can get out of Professor Milo is “the world beneath”. What does this mean and does it have a connection with Blackfire? We end this issue with ghostly hands grabbing Batman and Professor Milo. There is one Batman villain that could do this but Ra’s al Ghul has too respect for Batman to do all the events that enfolded in Batman Eternal.