Batman_Eternal_42No one can escape the army of the undead, not ever our heroes. Wait a minute, I got the wrong comic. How did that happen? And why is speech to text open!?! Oh dear. As always we begin with the cover, Harper Row, now known as Bluebird, teams up with Batman. They are standing on a gargoyle ready to attack. On the official website for DC Comics, they had a preview of this issue that said it won’t have a happy ending. I hope Bluebird is not at risk.

We begin this issue with the nanobot-controlled slaves walking around Gotham as the Mad Hatter tells himself how good a job he did. This would be creepy for anyone and the panels correctly display this. On a roof-top, Bluebird is trying to jump across the skyline but unfortunately flips and does a face-plant. This is funny and it shows that Bluebird needs more training. As Bluebird recovers from her injuries, she talks to herself about her plan. If this wasn’t a comic book, this would make no sense. Something that I noticed is that Bluebird’s hair-style changes from panel to panel.

We cut to a bedroom where Stephanie Brown, a.k.a the Spoiler, wakes to her mother’s presence. If it was anyone else there, it would be normal but since her mother is a bad guy, this is creepy. One complaint I have is her mother is drawn a bit too old in my opinion. Stephanie Brown questions her mother as to what is going on but her mother says she is trying to protect her. I don’t whether to believe her mother or not. I’m going to go with not trusting her for now. Stephanie Brown’s mother explains she wants to protect Stephanie at all costs as both of them hug. Why do I get the feeling that this won’t end well? Maybe it was the burger I had for lunch.

We catch up with Bluebird as she infiltrates the warehouse but is attacked by the mind-controlled thugs and falls right in front of the Mad Hatter. Congratulations on your first day on the job! I think she really needs much more training. This is showing that Bluebird is not ready to be a hero. Bluebird finds her brother, Colin, in among the mind-controlled crowd, but when she goes to hug him nanobots come out of his mouth and attack her. This is creepy every time I see it. The Mad Hatter orders the three mind-controlled heroes (from last issue) to grab Bluebird but Bluebird makes electricity and stuns everyone around her for a second. This is smart on Bluebird’s part and shows she has studied how the nanobots react. If you don’t know who the three mind-controlled heroes are, read the last review.

Bluebird puts on the Mad Hatters hat to mock him as she destroys the machine controlling the nanobots. As much as the taunt looks good, I don’t think it needed an entire page all to itself. As the machine that controls the nanobots blows up, the victims hold their heads in pain for some reason. I wonder if this is a set-up for the next part of Bluebird’s story. All the victims are waking up out of their trance including Bluebird’s brother. This is a nice happy moment for Bluebird and will show Red Robin that she is ready to be a hero. Out of nowhere, Batman jumps down to violently interrogate the Mad Hatter, asking him ‘who does he work for?’ Where did Batman come from and how did he not know that three of his partners were in trouble and come sooner?

Batman finds a card on the Mad Hatter, the same card that Carmine Falcone and Hush had. After this, he talks about Bluebird with Red Robin and then leaves the building. Who is the one giving out these cards to Batman’s worst enemies? Will we get the Batman-Bluebird in this issue or did the cover lie to us? An hour or two later, Bluebird and Red Robin have a heart to heart discussion. While the discussion is good, it is the type of conversation we have heard a lot. The conversation continues as Bluebird tells Red Robin that she will be a hero until the day she doesn’t want to do it anymore. This is normal for expressing a person’s plans for their future.

We return to the home of Stephanie Brown’s mother, as Stephanie Brown gets a mid-night snack only to discover her mother is tied up sitting in a chair. I don’t care if her mother is evil or not, Stephanie Brown has every right to freak out when she see her Mother tied up in a chair. We end this issue with Selina Kyle using chloroform to nock Stephanie Brown out. Where did Selina Kyle come from? This issue was great at making Bluebird a hero out of an apprentice.