Batman_Eternal_41What’s dose the Borg, Cybermen, nanobots and me have in common? We all want to take over your mind! MAWHAHAH!! As always we begin with the cover, we see Red Robin as he is attacked by a form of nanobots flowing into his body causing his eyes to glow blue. This is creepy and exciting at the same time. We haven’t heard about the nanobots in a very long time and I’m interested in how they play a part in the whole story.

We open this issue to a truck driver driving along only to be stopped by nanobot possessed children in his way. This reminds me of a horror movie of the 70’s but I can’t remember the name. I doubt that the driver of the truck will live through this issue. Turning the page, the children open their mouths to have a tentacle come out and attack the driver killing him. I told you he wasn’t going to survive!

On a roof top, Red Robin and Harper Row are spying on a warehouse where the children are coming together. It is here we learn how smart Harper Row is with a computer having turned a WIFI hot spot to a radar which is actually possible. I like the fact that we have a character that has skills as a hacker showing a bit of modernization to the Bat family. Red Robin uses binoculars to look into the warehouse where he sees people of all ages are being controlled by the nanobots. It looks like there is 100 or 200 people in the warehouse. I’m surprised there are not any missing persons reports mentioned. Most of the slaves have the glowing blue eyes that the children have, but there are a few that don’t. I don’t know if this is artists’ error or deliberate.

On the other side of town, the Spoiler is defending herself from a bounty hunter trying to catch her. This makes the Spoiler have to learn how to fight. This is a very unique way of having a hero learn how to fight having her forced to defend herself. The Spoiler quickly learns that this bounty hunter is actually hired to protect her but still knocks her out. Since when is the definition of protecting someone is to knock them out? This bounty hunter also has the silliest outfit I have ever seen.

Back on the roof top with Red Robin and Harper Row, we see that Batgirl and the Red Hood have joined them to save the people. Batgirl doesn’t trust Harper Row because she has not met her. We also see Batgirl in her new costume which I don’t like at all. Before the assault on the warehouse, Harper Row begs Red Robin to let her help him so that she can save her brother. Red Robin says that Harper Row is not ready and he gives a great reason why although it is too complex to explain here.

As Red Robin explains the plan to Harper Row, we see the plan in action with Red Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl breaking into the warehouse, guns blazing. Personally I would rather go for the stealth approach than letting the enemy know I am attacking him by breaking through the front door. The team knocks out the people who are controlled by the nanobots. Red Robin and Batgirl knock them out by Kung Fu and Red Hood uses rubber bullets. I sure hope once these people are cured of the nanobots they don’t remember any of this. I don’t think there are enough therapists in Gotham to handle all these people.

As the fight goes on, we learn that the person behind the nanobot attack is the Mad Hatter. We also learn that the whole warehouse was a trap for our heroes. Typical. If you ask me, before the new 52, was the Mad Hatter a good villain? My answer would be no, but since the reboot he has upgraded to an OK villain. Red Robin tries to stop the Mad Hatter as he springs his trap. While doing this, we get a villain’s mini-monologue as to why he is doing this. Personally I like the mini-monologues better than the long ones.

As the seconds go by after the trap is sprung, Red Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl are deafened temporarily. While this is a good idea on the Mad Hatter’s part, the Bat family has encountered it before and I don’t know why they haven’t adapted to it. One by one the three heroes are taken over by the nanobots as Harper Row only can look from a distance. Some of you may ask, why are the heroes being taken one by one instead of all at once? The answer is to add drama to the story. That’s it. There is no scientific reason they are not being taken over all at once. The thing is, this method of the heroes falling is more effective than seeing all three heroes being taken over all at nice.

Harper Row returns to her apartment to make a video diary apologizing to her brother. While she is doing this, she is also making a super hero costume and suiting up. We have seen this kind of scene where the person is tidying up in case of dying. There is nothing unique about it. We also know that the three heroes are going to be fine because we see them in the future. We end this issue seeing Harper Row in her full super hero outfit. We will soon come to know her as Bluebird. Her outfit is a mixture of Nightwing and the Red Hood’s outfit. I really like this new costume. This issue is the climax of the story and shows that the end is in sight.