Batman_Eternal_40Forty weeks in to this story and I am still enjoying this comic as much as the first issue. As always we begin with the cover, Batman and the Riddler are swept up in an avalanche with Batman doing the only useful thing. Riddler had his hideout in the mountains and yet he didn’t plan for an accidental avalanche. Not smart on his part. We start the issue off with Julia trying to contact Batman with no success as we see the Riddler’s staff buried in snow. We just saw a similar opening a few issues ago where Julia was trying to contact Batman.

Batman finally responds to Julia telling her he’s okay as we cut to Selina Kyle’s base where a group of villains are checking out their new toys. The group of villains talk about their new toys like kids in a toy store. It’s kind of fun and a bit creepy. I noticed that the new gadgets have the bay symbol all over them. How did Selina Kyle get these? Valid question. Clayface tries to mock Selina Kyle but she puts Clayface quickly back in his place. I like the fact that Selina Kyle is showing her dominant side without the playfulness. Before when she wanted to be dominant, she always used a bit of playfulness with it.

A mysterious voice over a speaker tells Selina Kyle that all of the villains could take over Gotham without her. I think I know who the mysterious voice is, but I’m not going to say anything yet. Showing her dominance, Selina Kyle laughs at the mysterious voice and one of the villains attacks her. Never attack someone who is laughing at you. They’ve got an advantage somehow. A couple of explosions happen as the group of villains think they have beaten Selina Kyle. Just wait until I turn the page. They will soon learn why, in comic books, you don’t fight a villain in civilian clothing.

We return to the scene of the avalanche where Batman has unburied himself and begins to rescue the Riddler. Batman kind of owes the Riddler this rescue due to the fact last issue beat up the Riddler without him warranting it. Riddler begs Batman to not go back to Gotham. He knows that someone or something is waiting to kill Batman. This could have easily been resolved before the avalanche but no, Riddler had to play a mind game on Batman. Still no excuse for Batman to beat the Riddler up.

We cut to the Gotham Gazette where James Bard is doing his best impression of a slasher-movie bad guy as he continues his mad rampage. This is kind of scary. We have seen James Bard use other people to kill but never have we seen him kill. Vicki Vale defends herself with pepper spray. The person who I think is James Bard is actually a guy called Patrick. I don’t know what is going on here. As “Patrick” drops to the floor, Vicki Vale grabs his gun and beats him with the butt of the gun. This works well for Vicki Vale and gives her a good opportunity to knock this guy out and call 911 for her dying boss.

At the mountain top, Batman and the Riddler barely get their footing as the ground gives way beneath them. Really Batman should have looked to see if they were in a safe spot to stop and rest. After a few seconds, the Riddler gets an opportunity to escape but Batman has other plans and quickly forces the Riddler into a corner. Never run from Batman. I don’t care how injured Batman is. Don’t run. He can catch you with both of his legs broken. The Riddler starts to complain and whine. He just lost me as a supporter.

We return to Selina Kyle’s underground base as the group of villains celebrate their victory over Selina Kyle. When a group of villains start to celebrate, you know that something terrible is going to happen to them. Murphy, you’re a wonderful human being and probably everyone will hate me for saying that. The group of villains pack up with Clayface being the last one to leave as he transforms into a fake Batman. Little do they know that Selina Kyle is watching them. I know that something like this was going to happen. All the signs were there. It does not take a psychic to predict the predictable.

Selina Kyle secretly gets away to a car where Killer Croc is waiting. They talk about how their plan went very badly. You win some, you lose some. It was a clever idea that Selina Kyle had but she forgot to factor in the group’s insanity. Selina Kyle drives away as she gets in contact with a bunch of her thugs who are trying to fix the problem she created. I love this aspect of Selina Kyle. She always knows when she has made a mistake and knows who to contact to fix it.

Back at the Gotham Gazette, Vicki Vale finally got an ambulance to help her boss but it is way too late. Vicki Vale finally accepts that all the tragic events that happened recently are connected. About time. We cut to a body of water where Jim Corrigan finds the body of Maxie, the person possessed by Blackfire. Jim attends to Maxie and confirms that Blackfire is no more. If Blackfire is indeed gone for good, then why is Luke Fox’s apartment more haunted than the House on Haunted Hill? We end this issue with Jim Corrigan looking towards Gotham as an explosion happens and we see a group of kids being possessed by something. Why kids? Why always the kids get possessed?