Batman_Eternal_37Will Catwoman continue to Batman’s friend? Or will she become his biggest foe? As always we begin with the cover, Catwoman sleeps in a luxury room as a man in shadow attempts to kill her. The man in shadow is wielding a katana. This does not give me any clue as to who it is. I know for a fact Catwoman will not die because of a story that takes place after Batman Eternal. Any suspense when a character like this is in danger, the suspense dies.

We open with Catwoman in her in civilian form, Selina Kyle living it up in a nightclub. I don’t know if Selina Kyle has gotten to be the kingpin of the crime family yet or not. It’s unclear. What this issue is likely to be is her rise to power. Selina Kyle goes to her room to lay down but only manages to have a one minute nap. This is due to an assassin trying to kill her dressed up like a samurai. Why dress up as a samurai when you could dress up as a ninja? Samurai were the soldiers under their shoguns, while the ninja’s were specially trained samurai to carry out assassinations. Also, the fact that this assassin looks like he is wearing plate armour is not the smartest move. After a short fight, Selina Kyle kicks the assassin out a window and the assassin lands in front of her henchmen. Whoever sent this assassin didn’t do their research well.

Across town we visit the apartment of Batwing a.k.a. Luke Fox to watch his roommate go to the washroom only to discover a ghost. If you ask me, I never want a ghost in my washroom. No one goes into the washroom the same time as me even if you are living impaired. Luke Fox’s roommate screams shortly before Luke Fox goes to check on his roommate. Finally we know that Batwing is OK. Last we saw of him he was buried under rubble. After checking on his roommate, he goes back to his office to learn that some of his stuff is missing. Don’t you just hate it when the dead steals your stuff?

We cut to a dock where Batman is interrogating a witness as Killer Croc attacks him. We get the classic “you’re on my turf” argument. We also learn that Batman is looking for Bane. I didn’t know he escaped. I thought Alfred knocked him out in issue 31. In this scene we also are shown that Killer Croc has a different attitude and different goals than he did before. Batman leaves Killer Croc with a warning as Catwoman appears to negotiate with Killer Croc. I could definitely see a Catwoman and Killer Croc team up in the future. They both have the death of Jade weighing down on them.

The scene changes to an abandoned restaurant where six Batman enemies gather. They include Scarecrow, Clayface, the Joker’s daughter, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze and Bane. I’m very surprised that Bane and the Scarecrow are not trying to kill each other. The Scarecrow tries to make a plan for them all to get Gotham under their control. No one really pays that much attention to Scarecrow. The group of enemies start to argue amongst themselves as Bane is the only one to keep silent. Guys, this is why you never succeed. You can’t agree on anything.

Bane walks away from the group having had enough of the arguing but Scarecrow tries to convince him to stay. This goes as well as training a cat. Bane chokes the Scarecrow, which frankly he should have done earlier. I don’t even know why Bane would go with the Scarecrow anywhere. The Scarecrow tells Bane that he can make Bane stronger. While this conversation is happening, a cat with a listening device is spying on the group. Is this group of villains linked to the person in charge of this conspiracy or are they just their own party? I know for sure that the cat is working for Catwoman.

In a diner, Harvey Bullock and Maggie Sawyer have friendly conversation as James Bard walks in. James Bard slips on the floor and asks the other two for help but they walk away from him. I’m glad that James Bard is getting the cold shoulder. Because of his attempt to kill Batman, no cop on the force wants anything to do with him. We return to the abandoned restaurant where we see Bane training while Poison Ivy tries to flirt with him. Never flirt with Poison Ivy. You’re going to wind up dead. Poison Ivy reveals that she wants to be Bane’s right hand man. Of course, we know this is only partially true. Poison Ivy will just be a side-kick as long as it benefits her. Catwoman watches all six of the villains from her hide-out. She is plotting to get rid of them. Is this group of villains going to be an essential part of Batman Eternal or is this setting up for a future story?

As Selina Kyle leaves her computer to unwind, she is visited by Batman begging her not to go down the road of a crime boss. We know for a fact that Batman and Selina Kyle had a relationship early in the new 52. We see that Batman is trying to save Selina Kyle showing that he still has feeling for her. We end this issue with Batwing talking to Julia about how to get rid of ghosts. We learn that more ghosts are showing up in Batwing’s apartment. Batwing doesn’t need Batman. He needs the Ghostbusters! This issue felt a little bit out of place in regards to the last issues of this series. This is a good thing though we get to see a change of pace in these story lines.