Batman_Eternal_35What happens when the enemy have all the card? And dose not wear a mask? As always we begin with the cover, Batman escapes the batmobile as it flies through the air. Two questions: Why is the batmobile at least twenty stories up? Why is a Chinese jewellery store blowing up? I hope the batmobile doesn’t get totalled because I really like it. We start the chapter three hours into the future as we see Batman crashing the batmobile. There is a voice taunting Batman as he crashes. I have no idea who it is. Having flashbacks to present too many times I find very frustrating, hope this issue doesn’t have that.

We come back to the present where we learn that it’s been two weeks since the defeat of Hush and Bruce Wayne has gone bankrupt. This is due to James Bard meddling into Wayne Industries. How many hits can Bruce Wayne take? He’s been battling personal disasters since issue 1. Not only that, but Wayne Manor has become the new Arkham Asylum. This is explained more in the Arkham Manor series. Julie is still in the bat cave while crazy people are up above her. That job just got more threatening.

We continue with Julia in the bat cave finding out that Hush is Batman’s prisoner in the bat cave. Even in prison, Hush still tries to taunt Julia and it’s working. This gives Julia a conflict to overcome which will give the reader more insight to her character. We return to a conversation Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. As Bruce Wayne leaves the meeting, Lucius Fox tells Bruce Wayne that he is now an ally of James Bard. This is a big surprise. I never thought that Lucius Fox would go that far. I’m really interested in where this sub-story goes.

We cut to a phone conversation between James Bard and Vicki Vale. It seems that Vicki Vale has left Gotham and James Bard knows something big is on the way. I still don’t know if James Bard is an underling or the mastermind. I think we will keep guessing until near the end of the series. After the phone call, Vicki Vale discusses with her partner, Joey that they are going to investigate James Bard. Is this a sign of betrayal? Can Vicki Vale become a good-guy like she used to be? I sure hope so because having an evil Vicki Vale is weird.

Catching up to James Bard as he lays a trap for Batman with the help of Lucius Fox. I never thought that Lucius Fox would go this far as to trap a former friend. Will this have any reflection on his son, Luke, who is Batwing? Batman races down the street in the batmobile knowing that he is heading for a trap. Unfortunately for him James Bard hacked into his communication devices. Batman may make a bad decision in this issue or the next because Bard knows how to push Batman’s buttons in the right way.

In a bar in Detroit, we catch up with Vicki Vale. She learns from the bartender that James Bard was a vigilante in Detroit. I never thought James Bard would be a vigilante ever. This deepens the mystery as to why he has a vendetta against Batman. As Batman continues down the street, James Bard tells Batman that he won. Don’t bad guys ever learn to not toot their own horn until they have actually on? The only bad guy who ever got away with it and taunted the cops was not in fiction, he was the zodiac killer and James Bard pretty much gets an “F” for being like him.

Batman races through a net set up by the GCPD only to learn that the net was a distraction so that Lucius Fox could disarm the batmobile from a distance. A net is your idea of a distraction against the batmobile? I don’t care if it’s a net made out of razor blades compared to the batmobile that is the worst distraction of all time. A few seconds later, James Bard has remote control access of the batmobile. James Bard is planning on killing Batman. Luckily both Lucius Fox and Harvey Bullock try to stop James Bard. I hope that this event shows both Harvey and Lucius James Bard’s true colours. If does not, this part of the story could drag on and become quickly boring.

The batmobile continues in its high-jacked path to a building where TNT lies. Batman tries to get Julia back on the line but only succeeds for a second. I know Batman will not die but this could be a pivotal moment in the series. The batmobile crashes into the twentieth story of a building as Julia watches in panic and Hush in joy. How did the batmobile get to the twentieth story of a building? I don’t know if I have missed something or this is a writing error.

We end this chapter with the batmobile falling to the ground and the bartender in Detroit telling Vicki Vale that James Bard has lost everything because of someone like Batman. So why doesn’t James Bard get revenge on that person instead of hunting down Batman? This issue had a lot of interesting moments that will affect the rest of the series and I can’t wait to learn how they develop.