Batman_Eternal_34Will Alfred’s daughter, Julia, survive her encounter with Hush? If you’re reading the main Batman comic, you already know the answer. As always we begin with the cover, a spotlight is on Hush as he puts on Batman’s costume. It is a good thing that both Batman and Hush are males otherwise it would be more creepy than it already is. There is a lot of shadow hiding the details of the picture but overall it is a decently drawn cover.

We begin the chapter where we left off with Julia being attached by Hush. Hush has the upper hand but Julia is not afraid of Hush which is true to her character. Hush mocks Julia as he always does to an enemy. It’s written well for the first page. Julia comes out and shoots Hush in the chest but unfortunately Hush also gets a shot at Julia. This scene could have gone either way having no one getting shot or one person getting shot. We don’t know Julia’s gunmanship compared to Hush’s. As much as this would be a surprise we know Julia lives because we see her in Batman 35 which takes place after the rest of Batman Eternal.

While Julia lies on the floor bleeding, Hush rigs up explosives inside the secret base. How is Julia going to survive this? We have seen a similar scene when the Joker killed the second Robin in 1989. Why is Hush OK? He was shot in the chest. In the bat cave, Alfred watches in horror as he sees the building that he knows Julia is in, blow up. This is totally realistic. Alfred would be devastated if he thought he saw his daughter die. Batman is informed by Alfred that Julia is in danger and he flies off in his plane to save her. While Batman may be a jerk sometimes, he will help his partners if they are in distress.

Batman arrives at the scene of the explosion and looks around until he finds Julia. While this page is needed for a scene transition, it does not add much to the story. At the office of Lucius Fox, James Bard and the mayor are verbally attacking Lucius Fox accusing Wayne Enterprises of being a terrorist supplier. Lucius Fox just calmly defends himself until the pair leave his office. This is the best characteristic that Lucius Fox had and every incarnation has shown this side of him. This is a dangerous move on the part of James Bard and the mayor.

Back in the bat cave, Alfred is patching up an unconscious Julia. This is hard for him to do. Alfred flat out tells Batman that Julia is done and he refuses to let her go back in the field. As much as I admire Alfred for sticking up for his daughter, in the end it is Julia’s choice. As Batman and Alfred talk, an alarm goes off alerting Batman to Hush’s location. The important part about this location is that it is the Martha Wayne Foundation Hospital named after Batman’s mother. I’m glad we are returning to showing the impact of Batman’s parents.

Batman runs to the hospital only to get there in time to see Hush taunting him as he enters the building. Hush’s goal is to make Batman angry because he knows when Batman is angry he screws up. Batman is greeted by Hush sitting on a make-shift throne of weapons. This is a blatant Game of Thrones reference although Hush is a bit too old to be Jeremy, the child king. Good thing this is not a blog about making fun of the series. I could go on forever about this. Batman asks Hush what he wants, what his game is. As Hush talks about their final battle, he dresses up in a mock Batman suit. As I said before, I am grateful these two people are the same sex.

Hush attacks Batman, guns blazing while Batman throws a couple of bat-erangs at Hush, disarming him. This is the best opening for a fight scene that I have seen in the entire series. As the fight continues, both Batman and Hush get their hits on each other with no sign of a clear victory. Of course, Hush mocks Batman to get him mad so he can have an advantage. This reminds me of the fight scenes from the 1990’s animated series. This scene obviously had a lot of planning put into it and it shows.

Batman knocks Hush onto the floor and destroys his weapons. We are not sure if Hush in unconscious or not, but the way Batman walks away makes me believe that he thinks Hush is unconscious. Batman grabs Hush, rips off his mask and holds him in front of a mirror. This is Batman’s last attempt to save his friend. Knowing comic books, it probably won’t work. As Batman deals with Hush, a news feed is playing in his communicator talking about how Wayne Enterprises will no longer support Batman. This is a bit of a shock. I thought Lucius Fox wasn’t intimidated by the mayor and James Bard. Batman is in shock he hears the news.

We end the chapter with Batman finding the same invitation that Carman Falcone had issues ago. This shows that Hush is just another pawn and that there is a bigger mastermind at work. Who is he or she? I don’t know. This issue had all the elements for a great chapter but only used most of them.