Batman_Eternal_33Welcome to the city of Gotham, home of the criminally insane and yearly catastrophic disasters. All hotels are not responsible for any harm you may encounter. As always we begin with the cover, a swat team jumps out of helicopters to chase Batman as he glides down. There are a lot of pencil lines in this drawing which makes it bit old fashioned. I like this style once in a while but if the covers start doing this every week it will quickly become boring.

We start the chapter looking at the explosion from last issue as James Bard gives a speech to the public. I’m really surprised that the citizens of Gotham are falling for his plan. They have known Batman as a hero for six years and James Bard comes in and says that Batman is a terrorist. Batman looks over the crime scene while he and Julia discuss the next course of action. Julia begs Batman to let her help him in the field but Batman wants her to look after her father, Alfred. Both points are valid. Julia is more than capable of handling herself but Alfred just got out of a near-death situation and needs care. Once this whole Eternal story ends, I hope we can see Julia in more comics but not in her own comic.

On top of the GCPD James Bard talks to Hush about going too far. This angers Hush. James Bard should have known better than to disagree with Hush because is so deadly when crossed. This honestly surprises me that James Bard would do this. He should know what kind of person Hush is. Hush almost kills James Bard to prove a point. Hush says that one of his henchmen has an idea to take down Batman. From what Hush says, his henchman is a corrupt cop that is currently working for the GCPD. This will be interesting if the henchman gets any background story.

On another rooftop Batman and Julia work together to break into a high security building. Wait a minute, I thought Batman did not want Julia in the field. Why is she working directly with Batman? What we needed was just a few panels of Julia convincing Batman to let her help him in the field. While the team tries to open the door to the secret base, Julia questions Batman as to why he has all these weapons in hiding. I would love to know the answer to Julia’s question. For a super hero who refuses to kill, why does he have all these secret weapon caches? As soon as Julia and Batman finish their conversation, a police helicopter comes towards them. How in God’s name does a helicopter sneak up on Batman?

One of the swat team members jumps of the helicopter knocking Batman through a window. I’m going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt that there was a roof window near Batman. I didn’t see a window. I lied. There is a window in one panel. The swat team member asks Batman to surrender but when Batman doesn’t this guy attacks him. For some reason Batman uses his bat-erangs on the guy with a shield. The swat team member sprays Batman with some sticky stuff. This guy is menacing and I doubt we will doubt we will find out who he is but I have been proven wrong before. Barman leaps out of the way of the spray and cutting the hose sprays the swat team member. This is a great idea on Batman’s part. It’s the most realistic way that Batman would get out of the situation.

Batman returns to Julia finding out that she has already broken into the door that they tried to get into earlier. We see the comical side in Julia in this scene which I love. The writer know how to put comic relief into the story at the right places. The pair fly away as they discuss the next location they need to find. This reminds me of a lot of the Batman and Robin comics where Batman works with someone.

We cut to the office of Lucius Fox where he and his partner discuss about Wayne Industry’s weapons being used in the latest terrorist attack. After the meeting, Lucius Fox calls Bruce Wayne to make sure that he is taking care of it. I like the fact that Lucius Fox doesn’t know that Bruce Wayne is Batman but still works with both of them. In the movies, Lucius Fox knew who Batman is but in this comic he doesn’t need to know who Batman in.

Batman enters another one of his weapons caches while he talks to Alfred via phone. Batman comments on the fact that Alfred should not be out of bed which I strongly agree with. Batman and Alfred talk about Julia being out in the field and Alfred’s feelings on the matter. Alfred is a concerned father about his daughter which is totally reasonable. Batman on the other hand, just shrugs it off as another sidekick in training.

We end this chapter with Julia entering one of Batman’s weapon caches only to have Hush follow right behind her. For a spy, you would think Julia would be more careful to not let anyone follow her. This issue had its flaws but gave us an interesting chapter in the story.