Batman_Eternal_32Is Hush the master mind of plan to bring Batman down? Or is he another pawn? I sure as hell have no clue and this issue won’t tell you. As always we begin with the cover, Batman tries to save the Spoiler as she is being beaten up by Hush. This cover reminds me of a movie poster from the forties. It is well drawn and simple.

We begin this issue with a fight between Hush and the Spoiler. I thought a few issues ago that Hush had already beaten the Spoiler. The fight isn’t interesting. All it is, is the Spoiler throwing one punch at Hush and Hush just knocks her down. I think the writers are trying to tell us that the Spoiler is not ready for a fight but the readers should have already known this. Batman jumps down to save the Spoiler as he attacks Hush. We get an attack from Batman that looks like his signature fight style. I love that the writers are still using the same style of fighting for Batman. The resulting fight scene is short but a lot better than the fight scene on the first page.

The fight scene goes on for another page not showing a clear victor. If it was any other comic series I would say this fight would be the final battle between good and evil but since it is Batman Eternal, I don’t know what to expect. This series is great at giving similar situations and having them with a slightly different outcome. While the fight is happening, Spoiler manages to get to her motorcycle and ram Hush with it. This shows that Spoiler is learning how to handle herself although she still needs more time. Despite the fact being run over by a motorbike, Hush manages to throw a grenade at Batman and the Spoiler. This is how Hush always gets away in this series by making something explode. I can’t tell you if I like it or not.

After saving Spoiler, Batman goes to the ruins of Arkham Asylum to save Batwing. This is a bit of a big jump between the scenes. I feel there could have been something in between to bridge. We cut again to the bat cave where Alfred is being reunited with Julia. Yet this is another scene where a bridge needed to happen. This is very odd for the writers to have two scenes where it jumps with no connections.

The scene changes yet again to James Bard meeting up with Hush. From their initial conversation, I get the feeling that James Bard and Hush do not like each other. This is an element of the story where I have seen over and over again but I am not sick of it. I should be but I can’t think of why I am not. Hush gives James Bard his new orders and as Hush always does, he tells his minion that if he doesn’t do what Hush says, he will die. While I know Hush is in control, sometimes the series puts that into question. In some scenes when Hush is working with James Bard, they seem like equals and other times Hush is the boss. I am a bit confused.

Back at the bat cave, Batman and Julia are taking inventory of Batman’s equipment and talking about the recovery of Batwing. Every time see Julia, I like her better and better and this scene is no exception. Batman learns that someone hacked into a data base of his. He asks Julia but she said she did not hack into it. What kind of information is stored in there? I hope we don’t have to wait another issue to find out. We catch up with James Bard as he goes to Vicki Vale’s apartment and discusses their new orders. I still have no idea how I feel about Vicki Vale being a villain. Before the reboot of September 2011, she was always a love interest of Batman while just being a simple reporter.

Catching up with Batman and Julia, Batman tells Julia that the data base was where all his secret locations were mapped out. We also learned that it’s only unlocked by Batman or Alfred’s DNA. So that’s why Hush took Alfred. That makes a lot of sense. This will make Hush a more deadly enemy than before. As the two discuss the data base, we catch up with Hush as he breaks into one of these bases. I love the fact that we don’t see any texts as he is doing, makes it more menacing.

Hush steps into the base to get to Batman’s explosives cache. Why does Batman need explosives? I don’t see him ever using them. While this happens, James Bard and Vick Vale talk about what Hush is going to do with these explosives. James Bard isn’t really here about the explosives which is a good thing. We don’t want to know all of Hush’s plans at the same moment. That would ruin the story.

In the streets of Gotham, the military police are on patrol. We are just getting the military telling the citizen’s to get inside. This does not add to the story and we don’t really care what will happen to these officers. As we turn the page, we get a two-page spread of an explosion happening right under the feet of the police. Really? They used two whole pages to blow up characters that we don’t give a hoot about? This is lazy. There are a number of different ways this could be done without using up two pages for one picture.

We end this issue as the smoke clears and everyone is in a panic. The last scene we see before the story closes is a bat-erang. How many times does the bad guy try to frame the hero and it backfires? This issue was only okay, it set up the next part of the story as it need to.