Batman_Eternal_28People are always changing, this is the same with most comic book characters. As always we begin with the cover, Batgirl stands with her back to the camera as bats fly around her. We also have the tag-line “Turning Point”. I think this issue will be mostly focused on Batgirl. This is only logical since she is on the front cover. This cover is drawn well but I would not like to see a full face in this style of art.

We begin this chapter with a bar fight. The Red Hood is causing the bar fight for unknown reasons. At least this is in the Red Hood’s character. Out of all of the Batman hero’s the Red Hood is the only one you would see involved in a bar fight. Why does the Red Hood mask have a smile on it? It is solid plastic. The mouth area should not move. The Red Hood steps out of the bar to talk to his comrades on the phone in space. Starfire tells the Red Hood that he should stay until Gotham is safe. Of course, the Red Hood disagrees with her. As this happens, we cut to Batgirl saving James Bard from a fall that she caused. This was to make him talk. I enjoy this anger driven Batgirl.

We cut again to Mr. Bones Club where Mr. Bones is beating up Catwoman. We also see Jade and her uncle in the background but they are barely noticeable. For those who read the Catwoman comics we know that Catwoman will be the biggest crime boss eventually but I have a hard time believing that she will become it in the next few issues. As Mr. Bones beats up Catwoman, Jade’s uncle forces Jade to watch the beating while he explains that it is a good thing. If this isn’t child abuse then I am the Prince of Scotland. We see Killer Croc breaking into a building but we don’t know if it’s the same building where Jade is.

The bloody Flamingo is back! We see the Flamingo wake up in a cemetery as Batman drives away on his motorcycle. Batman and Julia talk about what they need to do to find Hush. This is an interesting scene but it didn’t need the Flamingo in it. We return to Mr. Bones beating up Catwoman. Catwoman begs Jade to close her eyes. This shows that Catwoman cares for Jade. When you think things couldn’t get any worse, Killer Croc breaks into the room throwing henchmen on the ground. I tell you one thing, Killer Croc knows how to make an entrance!

Another bar fight ensues allowing Catwoman to escape and get the upper hand on Mr. Bones. How many bar fights can they have in one issue? We are already at two fights and we are only half way through the chapter. As the chaos ensues, Jade rushes to Catwoman to help her with the final part of her escape. The one big problem in this scene is the gunfire from two different directions when only one side should have guns. In the midst of all this, we get a panel where it looks like Killer Croc gets shot. Don’t worry, kids, Killer Croc won’t die this issue. I hope.

Leaving the fight for a moment, we see the Red Hood go to Batgirl’s house to try to talk to her. The Red Hood learns about her crusade against James Bard and starts to worry. This is a great way to keep the Red Hood in the story. Returning to the building where the fight is taking place, Batman breaks into the building and beats up the Flamingo. These few panels feel like relaxation therapy to me. Batman continues to the fight and watches the chaos unfold. While Mr. Bones is retreating he wishes that Batman was there. Batman is right behind him. This is a good piece of comic relief.

As we turn the page, we learn that the shot that looked like it hit Killer Croc actually killed Jade. Killer Croc is emotionally destroyed. This shows one of the weaknesses of Killer Croc while making him more human. We return to Batgirl’s interrogation of James Bard. Batgirl wants to kill James Bard but the Red Hood comes to stop her. The Red Hood uses reverse psychology to stop Batgirl which works really well on Batgirl. This is where Batgirl realizes that she is going too far and hopefully goes back to her normal way. Batgirl lets James Bard hang one foot off the ground. The Red Hood tells Batgirl that she is a better person than him. This shows more of the relationship being repaired between the Red Hood and Batgirl.

At the club, Batman tries to arrest Killer Croc but is stopped by Catwoman. The two have a fight which ends with Catwoman crying and feeling guilty of what she has done. I wonder how much the guilt will be in Catwoman’s arc going forward. We return once again to Batgirl and the Red Hood as they say good-bye to each other. I hope that they are not trying to set up a romantic relationship between these two characters.

We end this chapter in Blackgate seeing Catwoman telling her father that she will become the kingpin of Gotham. The last panel the chapter shows us a different Catwoman, one that is so angry that she will do anything for revenge. This issue was great, Batgirl and Catwoman story line. It ended part of their story arc and started a new one.