Batman_Eternal_23Welcome back to yet another review, this is great if you’re a Catwoman fan. As always we begin with the cover, Catwoman leaps away from gun fire while carrying a leopard cub. This is a weird cover that I would never have expected to see in this series. The artwork is nothing special and makes the cover a bit underwhelming.

We open the chapter to a pit fight where the fighters are cats and dogs. It looks like Carmen Falcone is running the fight. We learn that the leopard cub from the cover is the next contender for the crowd’s amusement. This made me uncomfortable reading this. I am strongly against these types of events. As Catwoman assesses how she is going to save the cub as a rival gang breaks into the event and starts killing people. Of course Catwoman uses this time to save the cub. This rival gang is the Ibanescu family which I have no idea in hell who they are. We also learn that one of the members of the new gang, Tiger Shark, is an enemy of Catwoman. While the artist tries to make Tiger Shark look cool, his mask is stupid. How can he see with a bandana over his eyes?

We cut to the Architect talking to Hush over the phone as Batman knocks the Architect out. I thought Batman already caught the Architect in the last issue. Maybe I read something wrong but I am pretty sure that Batman already dealt with this guy. We return to Catwoman as she helps the cub in her apartment bathroom. A random kid called Jade walks into her bathroom asking Catwoman to help a person at Blackgate. The problem is Jade says that he sent her but we don’t know who the “he” is. This is not the best way to incorporate mystery into a story. As the kid leaves, Catwoman asks how Jade will keep her identity secret. Jade leaves saying that she doesn’t care who Catwoman is. This isn’t really the best reinsurance in the world.

We cut to the underground to see Killer Crock killing some monsters while talks about his people needing him. I felt like this came out of nowhere and really wonder why the writers decided to cut to this right after Catwoman. Catching up with Batman, we see he is continuing beating up the Architect. He’s also trying to make the Architect tell him about Hush. This is irrelevant to the story and acts like filler. We get a quick peek of what Julia is doing in the bat cave. She is playing around with the Bat computer. While I like this comedic approach to Julia as a second Alfred, it is a bit odd for her character.

At Blackgate prison, Catwoman learns that it was Leo who summoned her. Catwoman yells at Leo implying that they have a history together. This is an interesting turn of events and makes me wonder if there is history of Gotham we are not yet being told. We learn that Catwoman’s father is non-other than Leo. This is completely a shock because we’ve been wondering about Catwoman’s family since Catwoman Issue 0. Catwoman punches her father in the jaw out of rage. I feel like this would be a realistic reaction if a child had been abandoned. Jade knocks Catwoman in the back of the knee just for fun as Leo tries to talk to Catwoman. Brat. Leo is trying to ask Catwoman to become the kingpin of crime in Gotham. Nice Dad. First thing he asks to do when you reunite with him, is to ask you to become a crime lord! Here I thought that my parents had high expectations.

We return to Batman interrogating the Architect as Julia tells Batman there is something wrong with the building they are in. You would think Batman would have already done research on this but apparently not. An I-beam falls in front of Batman knocking him down and making room for the Architect’s escape. This is way too convenient for the Architect and is a bit unrealistic. We than see that bombs have exploding all over Gotham City. Did this happen while Batman was fighting the Architect or did it just happen? We get a good drawing of a destroyed city.

We learn that the bombs are happening as we speak. We see Catwoman and Jade entering the underground as the floor of sewers break apart. Jade falls down one of the cracks but Catwoman saves her. While I love new characters, if Jade is going to stay, she is going to need a ton more character development. We cut to the centre of town learning that Hush is behind the bombing. Hush is mad that the tower that the Architect was in didn’t collapse. Hush yells out like a madman asking the people while the tower didn’t collapse. I always thought Hush was the type of guy to be in the shadows, not out in public.

In a clinic on the other side of town, Catwoman takes Jade to a friend of hers who is a doctor. I love this aspect of Catwoman. She always helps children no matter what even if she is being a ‘bad guy’. In a flashback, Catwoman returns to her father as he begs her to become the crime lord. I have no idea why she returned to him. Maybe she is considering his offer but it is unclear. In the mayor’s office, James Bard talks to the mayor about how he believes that all violence in the last few months are connected. I thought the mayor was in on Bard’s plan. I know he was buddies with Carmen Falcone.

We end this chapter with seeing a bigger gang was starting and children being possessed by an unknown spirit, probably Blackfire. The last thing we are seeing is James Bard asking the mayor to declare martial law. This is very clever of James Bard but I’m not convinced that a mayor can declare martial law. This issue was lacking in quality when Batman was on the panel, other than that it’s a good issue.