Batman_Eternal_19Welcome back to yet another review, this issue had a lot of filler but had a well written story. As always we begin with the cover, we see Batgirl attacks the Red Hood. This looks like Batgirl is seeing the Red Hood as the Joker. This is drawn great and looks like a water-color painting.

We pick up where the last issue left off with Batgirl attacking the Red Hood and Batwoman. If you remember, she’s under hypnosis. Red Hood and Batwoman realize she’s under the same influence as Jim Gordon from issue one. Batgirl kicks the Red Hood in the jaw is an awesome two page picture. On the lower half of the pages, we cut to Gotham city where we see Batman and James Bard following Killer Crock. This scene is good because Batman learns something about his enemy, we also get good drawings of Batman and James Bard’s faces.

Killer Crock shows Batman and James Bard a group of reanimated corpses that he’s holding in a jail cell as we get a great drawing of Killer Crock. It’s like Killer Crock is protecting the world from these zombies. Killer Crock and Batman compare notes on what they know about the weird stuff going on. This scene talking to Batman, as an equal rather than an enemy, gives Killer Crock a greater sense of humanity. James Bard finds out one of the corpses used to be a police officer.

In Blackgate prison the Warden lets out some prisoners due to a fire in the prison, there is a decent drawing of the Warden but it’s nothing special. Jim Gordon asks her what is going on? The Warden tells Jim Gordon that the fire is due to a massive riot in the prison. We find out even though Falcon and Penguin are locked up that they continue to orchestrate their gang wars in the prison. The Warden tells everyone in that cell block to come with her. Jim Gordon says that he will save the guards, as he grabs a fire extinguisher. It will be interesting to see how a mere fire extinguisher helps the guards.

Meanwhile in Tokyo Red Robin talking to Sergai Alexandrov about his work on the nanobots as Harper Row is repairing the cyborg monkey, this a well-drawn page. We cut back to Batgirl, Batwoman and the Red Hood, as the Red Hood gets knock off a ledge into the sweat shop below. This scene is reminiscent of an action movie but I can’t remember which one. While this happens Batwoman is off seeking the hypnotist. As the fight continues the hypnotist is watching them from his office. This kind of a cliché, watching the heroes fight each other but it’s not over used.

Batwoman breaks into his office as the hypnotist hides behind a child, using the threat of a knife to the child’s throat to stall her. This is another repetitive action scene, like filler. Batwoman deflects the hypnotist’s gas back at him. The hypnotist experiences what the Scarecrow’s gas does: terror. There could be a connection to the Scarecrow here

Back with Batgirl and the Red Hood, the Red Hood tries to talk Batgirl out of her trance, another page that looks like filler. Batgirl finally realizes she’s under spell and is in shock that she would almost kill the Red Hood. This makes sense as we have seen her in a similar situation with a similar outcome. Batwoman frees the slaves as the hypnotist jumps out the window. Somehow the hypnotist has a tech glove that helps him escape, seemingly out of nowhere.

 At Blackgate prison we see a lot of the convicts are holding the guards hostage, none of these convict are major characters and their conversation is filler. Jim Gordon rushes in, realeasing the contents of the fire extinguisher, and in the fog punches out all of the convicts, Batman style. Jim’s one line exit at the end of the page is classic: “The Windy City Special”, now we know how to save the guards with a mere fire extinguisher.

Beneath Arkam Assylum where people in robes are preparing a ritual. We have no idea who they are but I can guess they are working with Blackfire. We end the issue with Killer Crock and Batman jumping down a hole to see what killer crock is talking about the shadows in the sewers. Batman is drawn with a beard which I find really weird. This issue had a few problems but non that harmed the story.