Batman_Eternal_18Welcome back to yet another review, this issue was a break from the creepy Arkham Asylum. As always we begin with the cover, we see Batman and James Bard being chased by Killer Croc. There’s an unconscious man on the ground that I have no idea who he is. This is a good cover, it reminds me of an old movie poster.

We start our story in Brazil as a boy is forced to dump a wheelbarrow full of action figures. When the boy falls he is threatened by a man with a machine gun. Both characters are drawn well but the situation is out of context I feel. As the man points the gun to the boy the Red Hood, Batgirl and Batwoman knock the man out and save the boy. All three heroes are drawn decently, The Red Hood has a mouth on his mask which is physically impossible due to the kind of mask he wears. Batgirl asks Batwoman to help her and the Red Hood. Batgirl looks mad in all the frames she’s in for these pages.

In Gotham City Batman is watching over James Bard to find out what he’s up to, not sure why he is doing this. Batman talks to Alfred over his com about Julia. We only get to see Alfred and Julia well; James Bard and Batman are not in a good line of sight. Alfred is drawn amazingly well but Julia looks a bit young. James Bard spots a man carrying an injured person who runs into an alley and into the sewer. James Bard runs after the man but loses them and Batman comes to help. This is a bit odd. I mean if you didn’t want to be seen then why go on the main sidewalk? James Bard’s reaction to the man is drawn great.

Batman and James Bard jump down into the sewer to find out that something is eating people. The sewer is drawn very well and looks a bit creepy. The pair realize that Killer Croc is near. I like the fact that we don’t see Killer Croc as soon as they realize it. Killer Croc bursts in and whacks Batman and James Bard around while yelling at Batman about the time that Bane took over the city for a short time. Killer Croc is drawn excellently. James Bard scrambles to get his gun but grabs a shoe and points it at Killer Croc, this is comedy gold. Killer Croc tells Batman that he did not eat the two people and the two people are his friends. Batman sees proof of this and shows Croc that he understands. While I never heard of Killer Croc having friends, it makes sense. The evidence that Batman sees is a bit weird and gives the reader not much of a hint.

We cut to Blackgate Prison as the guards escort James Gordon from the showers to his cell. We learn that one of the guards has become friends with James Gordon which I find realistic. James Gordon is drawn OK. In his cell we see Leo again who is also drawn well. Leo explains to Jim Gordon how there is different kinds of prisoners. This is a bit weird to have this here.

At the Batcave Alfred communicates with Batman that he’s got all the information on Killer Croc and is sending it to him. This is an odd way to cut back to Batman and James Bard. Batman and James Bard walk with Killer Croc to an unknown location as Killer Croc tells Bard about the shadows in the sewers. While Croc is telling James Bard this, we see a creature that looks like a Third Army soldier from Green Lantern. The creature is drawn well but the placement of this creature I would never have expected.

We return to Brazil as the Red Hood, Batgirl and Batwoman overlook as sweatshop. The trio talk about their attack plan in kind of a Scooby-Doo style. The conversation is humorous but still a serious conversation. The Red Hood’s reaction to the plan is great. Batgirl fights her way through the building to the boss’s office where she finds out that the boss uses voodoo. This voodoo boss guy is drawn really well but one of his pieces of jewellery doesn’t look right. The boss has voodoo dolls of all three heroes but how he knows they were going to come here, I have no idea. He must be psychic.

The Red Hood explains the situation in Gotham City to Batwoman as we see panels from the three places in the story. This makes sense because Batwoman hasn’t been involved in most of the incidents. We end the story learning that Batgirl has been hypnotized and attacks the Red Hood and Batwoman. So the voodoo master is now a hypnotist too? Next we’re going to learn he can summon demons or something like that? This issue was good if you can handle a few flaws.