Batman_Eternal_15Welcome back to yet another review, this issue had good concepts but focused most on only one of them. As always we begin with the cover which is divided into three parts with each part having some members of the Bat Family. Batwoman is in the foreground but is only in one page of the comic. This cover looks like a movie poster.

We begin our story with Batwing and James Corrigan walking into Arkham Asylum as James Corrigan speaks Italian for no reason. Both Batwing and James Corrigan are drawn well but Batwing looks like a talon assassin. There is a woman who attacks Batwing. She is taken down quickly and is not drawn too well. Batwing and James Corrigan walk into the main area of Arkham where they see horrors that have been committed.

We cut to Red Robin in his plane as he cloaks it. Red Robin calls Harper Row to get out of her hiding place as they start an argument. Red Robin is drawn decently, looks a bit young but I can forgive it and Harper Row is drawn as well as Red Robin. I hope that they are not trying to set up a romance between Harper Row and Red Robin. Red Robin does not want to take Harper Row on his mission. Harper Row’s mask resembles another DC hero, Grifter. I don’t know if there is supposed to be a connection or not.

Back in Arkham, Batwing and James Corrigan find remains of what looks like human experiments. Batwing finds gibberish written on the Riddler’s cell wall. We are not sure if this is a code or what but it could be some foreshadowing. I’m not sure. Batwing and James Corrigan moved deeper into the building to find anomalies that could only be caused by magic. Usually I don’t like magic in a Batman comics but this is fitting the mood. The pair head down a set of stairs where they find the Scarecrow rambling nonsense. The Scarecrow is at an angle where I can’t see if he is drawn well or not. While not totally unbelievable, it is very weird to have the Scarecrow being the one to ramble.

James Corrigan stops Batwing as he protects them from a green wind that James Corrigan says is dark magic. The wind is very basically drawn, does not have the emotion to match what James Corrigan is talking about. Batwing and James Corrigan watch the Scarecrow float up into the air as magic surrounds him. They are soon ambushed by people who can go through walls. While this is creepy this is going a bit too far in the magic side. At an abandoned factory the GCPD lead by James Bard arrests some more gangsters. James Bard is drawn decently but looks a bit anime. Batman comes out of the shadows to help and congratulate James Bard. Even though this is a nice scene we have already seen it in the last issue. Batman is drawn well but we don’t see much of his face.

We return to Arkham Asylum where Batwing is demanding James Corrigan to turn into his super powered mode. James Corrigan tells Batwing that he can’t just become the Spector like that. -This is looking like a pretty dumb idea on James Corrigan’s part. James Corrigan watches in horror as Batwing absorbs down through the floor with two of the monsters. Out of Batwing and James Corrigan, James Corrigan should have been the one subdued by the monsters.

In Rio de Janeiro, Batgirl and the Red Hood jump into a back alley to enter a club. Both of them are drawn equally well. As the pair walk into the club they find Batwoman beating on a guy they want to talk to. We learn that the main criminal organization is a cult. Batwoman is drawn really well but is only one panel in the book and the front cover. Why did anyone think to put a character on the cover when she is only in a single panel?

Batwing falls down a pit to come face to face with the Joker’s daughter. This is the first time the two are meeting and Batwing is acting the way he is supposed to. The Joker’s daughter is drawn extremely well. The monsters drag James Corrigan to a mysterious figure where James Corrigan resists questions. The punch to James Corrigan’s jaw looks really painful. We end with finding out that a man called Mr. Bygone is behind the monsters. Mr. Bygone is drawn well but I’m unclear if he is human or not. This issue needed to be just on Batwing and James Corrigan, we didn’t need to have three stories going on.