Batman_Eternal_12Welcome back to yet another review, this issue has us jumping back into the gang war where the interesting stuff happens. As always we begin with the cover, Batman looks out over the city. This is a well-drawn cover but we have seen it many times before. Carmine Falcone goes on a killing rampage on Gotham City. This is not the most violent scene in the series and it needed to be. Carmine Falcone is drawn to look a little Oriental which he is not.

In an apartment, Jason Bard, Harvey Bullock and Maggie Sawyer are discussing how they need to end the gang war ASAP. Jason Bard and Maggie Sawyer are drawn great and they are very detailed but Harvey Bullock is only passable. On the next page, a greatly drawn Jim Gordon is put into a police van for transport. Jim Gordon finds out that one of the guards in the truck is Batman in disguise. Batman is drawn well although this is the first time I’ve seen him in a disguise other than his super hero costume and in Batman Incorporated.

We cut to Harper Row spying on Red Robin as he flies to Blackgate Prison. Harper Row is looking after her brother, she is drawn the way you expect. Red Robin goes to the window outside Professor Pyg’s cell and ties him up with a grapple. Red Robin is drawn great but Professor Pyg is not up to my standards.
Harper Row hacks into Red Robin’s computer to find out more about what he is doing but it doesn’t go well. Lightening burst out of Red Robin’s computer hurt him, the effects are drawn OK.

In Brazil Batgirl is angry that Red Hood has been following her and they begin a short fight. Batgirl is drawn well and the Red Hood does not have a mouth hole in his helmet unlike last issue. Batgirl walks away and jumps down a building onto her motorcycle while yelling at Red Hood. Batgirl offers Red Hood a chance to help her. We don’t know if he takes the offer or not. This team up could show the reader some good character building in future issues.

In a courthouse someone who I can only guess is the prosecutor, tells the jury that it doesn’t matter if Jim Gordon is a hero. The courthouse looks like it was very planned out. Even though the lawyer is bashing Jim Gordon everything he says the reader knows is true so far. The people in the background are well drawn and detailed. Vicki Vale and Joey Day walk out of the courthouse discussing what they saw. We learned that Lois Lane is also reporting this case, I think that will be the only Superman cameo we’ll get. Vicki Vale and Joey Day are both drawn extremely well although we don’t see much of Joey Day’s face. Jason Bard comes out and pulls over Vicki Vale and says that he has got information, pretty sure this is illegal in every state.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred and Julia are catching up over a cup of tea as Red Robin races in. Alfred is drawn well but Julia has somehow become African-American, I want to know what she is taking. Alfred and Red Robin go to the Bat-cave. Julia tries to follow but she is unsuccessful. The Bat-cave is designed very well but it looks different from previous issues. On the roof of a partially developed building Jason Bard and Harvey Bullock wait for Batman as they discuss Zero Year. I’m glad this story is referencing other Batman stories, it provides connection. When Batman arrives, Jason Bard tells him how they are going to stop the gang war. Without telling you what the plan is, just so you know, it’s crazy.

At Blackgate Prison Jim Gordon is beaten and thrown into a cell with a person he knows. To have Jim Gordon beaten this way is a little unbelievable. We end with finding information that surprises Jim Gordon, this twist while it was predictable was unexpected in this series. This issue was great at putting the focus on where the story shines the best.