Batman_Eternal_11Welcome back to yet another review, this issue has a good story but the art style doesn’t work for me. As always we begin with the cover, we see Batgirl and Scorpiana in a fight. This cover is drawn very well, although it’s looks more like they’re dancing. We start the story with a woman in a graveyard visiting her father’s grave. It’s dark, creepy and has no dialog. In Brazil, we see Scorpiana trying to kill a movie actor but Batgirl stops her, needing the actor alive. The actor looks dumb but Batgirl and Scorpiana are drawn ok. As the fight goes on Scorpiana gets her armor on. It looks cool and I think it’s robotic.

At Wayne manor, Alfred brings Julia lunch as she get ready to leave. Julia is drawn very well, much better than last time we saw her. Alfred asks her to stay but it starts an argument. Alfred is drawn very well and the faces of both of the characters convey the emotions. We cut to a library, where Stephanie Brown is doing research on her father. While doing research she finds out that Clue Master was a game show host. Stephanie Brown is drawn well but Clue Master is only passable.

Back in Brazil, the actor is running from Scorpiana but Batgirl gets him. The mirror character in the background looks great. Batgirl pins the actor to the ground and questions him about the night of the train disaster, we don’t see the take down well. We learn that someone has copied the actor’s face and put it on another person. I saw this in a Nicolas Cage movie. We return to Wayne manor where Julia can’t leave because she is bleeding. Alfred fixes her up and tries to offer help with her mission. It is clear that Alfred wants to be a good father.

We cut back to the library where Stephanie Brown posts about how her father became Clue Master. There is nothing really special about Clue Master’s origins. Stephanie Brown also posts about how she feels about her father, her feelings are understandable and realistic. We return to Brazil as Scorpiana breaks into the room where Batgirl and the actor are and attacks them. This is a very quick fight and we don’t see much. Batgirl and the actor jump out a window. The thing is Batgirl’s body position is not good for jumping out a window.

As Batgirl and the actor fall, Batgirl launches her grapple and tosses the actor onto a space ship. It turns out some members of Batman Incorporated are there to help. The space ship is piloted by Starfire and drawn well. Starfire is drawn OK but she is at least as sexy as she is supposed to be. El Gaucho ties up Scorpiana as he gets two ladies hitting on him. El Gaucho is drawn very well. Batgirl finds the Red Hood on a roof telling her how good she is at her job. The Red Hood is drawn really well but his mask is not supposed to have a mouth hole.

We find out that the woman from the beginning is Selina Kyle. She is visiting her Father’s grave. She is drawn well enough although it looks like a bit different art style than the rest of the book. Batman pops up and tries to comfort her although Selina won’t let him. I know that she appreciates it though. Batman is drawn OK. This issue was only for connecting the last issue and the next issue but it was pretty good.