Batman_Eternal_10Welcome back to yet another review, this issue has great twists and scenes from a horror movie. As always we begin with the cover, we see Batman and Catwoman in action poses. Also Professor Pyg has goons with animal heads, this is cool, weird and reminds me of the game Hotline Miami. We open the story with a flashback in which Catwoman beats up Carmine Falcone, scratching his face. Both of them are drawn great. Catwoman mocks Carmine Falcone while stealing his stuff, the colors of the scene show Carmine Falcone’s anger.

We return to the present where Carmine Falcone has Catwoman tied up as part of his revenge. Carmine Falcone is clearly a psychopath and this scene puts him on a ten on the nutso scale. Cutting to Professor Pyg and his goons with animal heads, we see them killing some guys with suits as Professor Pyg babbles nonsense. Professor Pyg and his goons are drawn well but Animal-human hybrids are unbelievable. Back with Catwoman and Carmine Falcone, Catwoman tells Carmine Falcone that Batman will stop him but Carmine Falcone beats her and yells about how wrong she is. Didn’t we see this kind of scene in the movie Superman Returns? Professor Pyg and his goons march into where Carmine Falcone has Catwoman as we get a scene right out of a horror movie.

At Wayne Manor we find out that the woman from last issue is Alfred’s daughter Julia. This was not a surprise for anyone who read the last issue. I do not like how Julia is drawn in this art style, she looks very masculine. Also Batman as Bruce Wayne is not drawn very well. The Red Hood (Jason Todd) comes into Wayne Manor to get a mission from Batman. The Red Hood is supposed to follow Batgirl to South America, since when was Batgirl in South America? (Forgive me if this happens in the “Batgirl” comic, I’m not up to date with it). The Red Hood looks like he’s way too young in this scene.

Outside the building, Vicki Vale interviews James Bard on the Carmine Falcone hostage crisis. Vicki Vale looks OK, James Bard is drawn very well in this art style. We cut to Clue Master where he is raging mad that his daughter wasn’t killed. We find out that Stephanie Brown has been posting stories about her Father on the internet. Clue Master looks like a ninja from the Mortal Kombat series. Stephanie Brown is in hiding from her parents but I don’t know why she hasn’t gone to her Mother, as far as I know she still thinks her Mother is good. Stephanie Brown is drawn well but she looks similar to Vicki Vale.

We return to Professor Pyg where he has Carmine Falcone tied down on a table, seen too many horror movies to know where this is going. I used to think that Professor Pyg was lame until now but this feeling only lasts a page or two. Professor Pyg talks out loud of what he’s going to do with Catwoman as the Bat-plane comes towards the building. The Bat-plane is drawn very two dimensional on a semi-3D background. Batman crashes through the roof to beat up the goons and free Carmine Falcone and Catwoman. We get a good fight scene but can’t get a decent view of Batman. Professor Pyg badly mocks the Wizard of Oz as a battle cry. Batman captures Professor Pyg as Catwoman tries to kill Carmine Falcone but Batman stops her before she can. This is a common scene in the Batman comics and adds nothing new.

Minutes later the GCPD storms the building, we hear Interim Commissioner Forbes but we do not see him nor need to. The people in the background are well drawn and we get a beautiful picture of Gotham’s skyline. The issue ends with Catwoman revealing to Batman that Carmine Falcone may be working for someone, this is a very interesting twist. This was a great issue, I really enjoyed reading it.