Batman_Eternal_9Welcome back to yet another review, this issue was an interesting story. Before we start I need to tell everyone about Batman Japan. He was created by Grant Morrison and was introduced in the first issue of Batman Incorporated. Now to start with the cover, Batman with Batman Japan and Crazy Shy Lolita Canary fight thugs wearing demons mask. This is another cover that looks great. I am glad we are getting consistently good art for the cover now. As the story starts, Interim Commissioner Forbes gets into a taxi only to get tied down by the Roadrunner (a Batman villain, not the loony toon). Both Interim Commissioner Forbes and the Roadrunner look descent, but a jet engine on a taxi is totally unbelievable.

The taxi stops under train tracks where Interim Commissioner Forbes gets out to talk to Carmine Falcone. He is mad that Interim Commissioner Forbes didn’t take care of everyone that he asked. Carmine Falcone is drawn great and I love seeing Interim Commissioner Forbes scared. Carmine Falcone wants to get rid of Catwoman, as we get a cut to her. Catwoman looks very good and the page layout is very good.

In Hong Kong, Batman is fighting the Demon thugs. The thugs are drawn well but we can’t see Batman’s face well. As Batman fights, Batman Japan steps in to help and his entrance is awesome. Batman Japan is drawn well but why is Batman Japan in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is in China and doesn’t the country have its own hero? Batman thanks Batman Japan and talks about the gang war and Hong Kong. A woman from the last issue spies on them as we get better look at Batman Japan.

Batman and Batman Japan arrive at a Batman Incorporated base where they meet up with Crazy Shy Lolita Canary and Master Hong. Master Hong is drawn well and Crazy Shy Lolita Canary looks decent. In the base Batman Japan tells Batman what Carmine Falcone was doing while he was in Hong Kong, also the base looks great. Batman and Batman Japan go to Carmine Falcone’s Hong Kong rival’s base where the reader is shown the stealthy side of Batman. This side of Batman needs to be shown more.

Batman runs into the base where he meets and fights the woman. She is drawn plain yet again. The woman is stabbed by Carmine Falcone’s Hong Kong rival. Carmine Falcone’s Hong Kong rival looks weird, even weirder than a Bond villain. Batman beats up Carmine Falcone’s Hong Kong rival for the woman and information. This scene is very brutal and well-drawn. Batman Japan walks in to help Batman clean up and get medical help for the woman. The background of Carmine Falcone’s Hong Kong rival’s base looks like an old Japanese palace.

Back in Gotham, we see Catwoman sneaking up on an accountant and knocks him out to get to a vault. The accountant is drawn well but why isn’t there guards at the vault? Catwoman opens the vault only to be beaten up by Carmine Falcone and his goons. A good set up of event but why didn’t Catwoman see this coming?

The issue ends with Batman bringing the injured woman home and telling Alfred who she is, and no, I’m not telling you who she is. Alfred is drawn great and his reaction tells the reader the mood of what the writer wants you to feel. This issue was a really good one but not without problems.