Batman_Eternal_7Welcome back to another review, after two weeks of sub-par issues we get a good one. As always let’s start with the cover of the book. We see the Penguin swimming away from an exploding Iceberg casino, his base of operations. The Penguin is drawn extremely well and very detailed. The cover does look like something that we have seen before but it has a different feel to it. Continuing from the end of the last issue, we open with Batman saving a guy from a fire. Batman sends the guy to the hospital via rocket chair, this is cool but this feels like we skipped something.

Cutting to a warehouse, we see that Professor Pyg is gathering a small army of robots that look like Curly from the three stooges. Curly really? Why not get Norman Bates, Freddy Krueger or Mel Gibson? While this is happening, Batman rides away on a motorbike which looks great. At the Iceberg casino, we see the Penguin as he beats his henchmen to death. Like the cover the Penguin is drawn well and very detailed, this scene is also very violent. The Penguin walks into a room where a woman is tied up, I didn’t want to know about his sex life. Catwoman sneaks up on the Penguin and ties him up while wearing ridiculously big boots.

We return to Batman as he fights Professor Pyg’s army on his bike. This is a great fight scene for only a single page. At Carmine Falcone’s place, we learn that Carmine Falcone has given a friend robot legs. Carmine Falcone is drawn very old and his friend looks like any other African American in this series. As the Penguin fights Catwoman, we see a bunch of good explosions and an alarm going off. The Penguin look at a security cam screen to see one of his penguins eaten by a whale, the two animals are drawn ok.

Back at the other fight with Batman and Professor Pyg’s robots, Batman takes down the robots like nothing. Professor Pyg rambles like his nuts as we get two great drawings of Professor Pyg. We return to the Iceberg casino as Catwoman wraps her leash around the Penguin’s neck. The Penguin tries to get Catwoman on his side as we get a few great drawing of both of them. Carmine Falcone’s men blow up parts of Iceberg casino as the fight continues. As the chaos happens, we see reactions from all the characters. Good drawing all around but Catwoman looks copied.

At the other fight, Batman tells Professor Pyg that Carmine Falcone set him up and head-butts him. Professor Pyg is drawn well as he gets beat up. As the Iceberg casino floods, Catwoman saves the people while Penguin saves his money. The water looks amazing as it floods into the casino. The Penguin is chased by the whale until Catwoman saves him. We get a great underwater chase with the whale looking better.

Commissioner Forbes arrives where Batman tied up Professor Pyg and releases him in front of everyone. Commissioner Forbes is doing this to hurt Batman, we don’t see what effect this has on Batman yet. Commissioner Forbes is drawn ok, looks like the way he did the last time we saw him.

As we return to Batman and Catwoman, we see them sitting on a roof together looking over the sinking Iceberg casino. While this is going on, the Penguin mourns the loss of his empire and vows revenge. As the Iceberg casino sinks we get a beautiful underwater drawing. The issue ends with a bomb blowing up a mansion as Professor Pyg watches from a distance saying that all of the city is his lab now. This has very creepy drawings of Professor Pyg to go along with the scene. This issue was a lot better than the last two issues and regained my hope for the series.