Batman_Eternal_5Welcome back to another review of Batman Eternal. This week’s issue had me a bit confused, not because of the story but the way it was executed. As always we look at the cover of the book first, where we see Batman tries to save Red Robin from robo-bug and foam. What the hell is this? This cover looks like something from a drug induced nightmare. I am not sure if this is a good piece of artwork or not.

As we start the story we find Red Robin doing research on the children that were kidnapped by Professor Pyg the night of the Jim Gordon accident. He tells Alfred that the kids were poisoned before Professor Pyg kidnapped them, this is a good way to start a story. Red Robin is drawn the same as he is in Teen Titans. I had hope that the artist would use his own style. Red Robin tells Alfred that the kids were in a Wayne care home, interesting. A thing that bugs me a little is some scenes have a blue tint over the drawing, does not work for me.

We cut to Harper Row and her brother, where she is telling him that she is going out to do crime fighting. Her brother asks her not to go, but she won’t listen, like Batgirl. Harper Row is drawn ok for the angles she is in. In the news room, Vicki Vale meets Joey Day the new guy and she hates him already. She does not think Joey Day has worked as hard as she has. Vicki Vale is drawn a lot better than her last appearance. Joey Day looks too old in my opinion. Vicki Vale’s boss tries to calm her down by giving her the chance to report on the gang war, he tells her to take the new guy. The boss is drawn as well as a side character should be.

We return to Red Robin looking over a child in bed, cause that’s not creepy, as Batman walks in. Batman said that they should work together but Red Robin disagrees. Question: is this going to be death of the family all over again? We don’t need another story like that only a year after it ended. Red Robin finds out that the child is infected with nano-bots. After learning this Red Robin decides to work with Batman. This scene has way too much blue tint for me. Before anything can be accomplished Batman gets an alarm to a crime in progress. As Batman leaves, Red Robin tells him he’s different emotionally. Batman agrees and leaves. Why tell Batman that? It won’t help him.

Catching up with Vicki Vale and Joey Day, we see them trying to interview some thugs in an ally about Carmine Falcone. The thugs being thugs attack Vicki Vale and Joey Day. That was one of the dumbest moves ever. Harper Row jumps on the thugs saving Vicki Vale and Joey Day. After, she asks Vicki Vale and Joey Day to follow her to safety. We get to see Harper Row at a better angle but she still does not look good.

Back with Red Robin, a ghost-like thing comes out of the child. This looks so weird, anyone who knows what is in an X-rated anime will know my first thoughts. For people who don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re very lucky. Back with the other group, Harper Row tells Vicki Vale and Joey Day they’re idiots while opening her apartment door. I am glad someone pointed out their stupidity. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who thought that interviewing thugs was a bad idea. Harper Row’s brother steps out and introduces himself to them, nothing special.

The thugs from the alley break in and threaten the four of them. While this happens Red Robin crashes though the roof with the ghost thing around him, this is too convenient. The ghost thing attacks the thugs when they threaten it. The ghost thing is made up from the nano-bots but the story doesn’t make it clear. Red Robin hacks the nano ghost thing with a tablet to put it to sleep, which only worked for a minute.

Joey Day notices the nano ghost thing goes into Harper Row’s brother. Is this book trying to be a horror movie, because it’s not working for me. Everyone tries to help Harper Row’s brother as he is knocked out. The nano ghost thing looks creepier now. Vicki Vale borrows Harper Row’s Taser and threatens a thug thinking he would know what is going on, why not ask Red Robin? The issue ends with an old man with his monkey discovering the nano-bots are active. The old man is drawn great, but why does the monkey have a robot arm? The eighty’s ended twenty-four years ago. This issue took a change in direction too fast, making the last quarter not as good as the rest of the book.