Batman_Eternal_4I’m back to do another review and this issue has something different, a new artist. As always let’s start with the cover of the book. We see a fight in the air between Batman and Batgirl, this cover has great artwork. This make me wonder if the cover will be good every second issue, like the old Star Trek movie curse but for covers. Our story begins with Batgirl beating up random thugs on a roof top while crying saying “it’s not true”. While this is happening we see two panels of a judge telling Jim Gordon that the accident is all his fault. The new artist has both Jim Gordon and Batgirl drawn better, like The Animated Series from the 90’s.

The judge denied Jim Gordon bail thinking he would flee, this is reasonable since Jim Gordon is good friends with Batman. The court room looks like it’s from the story The Long Halloween and the people in the background looks really good. On the next page the scene cuts back and forth between the roof and the court room. Batman arrives on the roof telling Batgirl to stop because she’s almost killing them. This panel has a beautiful drawing of Batman gliding down. On a panel to the side Batgirl, as Barbra Gordon, tells her dad in the court room that he didn’t do a crime but Jim Gordon doesn’t believe it. I like that Jim Gordon is breaking, it show something new for the character.

Back on the roof top Batman tries to get Batgirl to stop but this doesn’t go well. After saying “leave me alone” to Batman, Batgirl throws some punches at him. This scene is a great showcase for the amount of anger in Batgirl. Batman calms Batgirl down a bit by saying he’s doing all he can. She talks about her frustration at the way her Dad is being treated. Batman tries to comfort her but we don’t see how well it works, don’t know if we need to or not.

We catch up with Stephanie Brown as she telling her mom on the phone that her dad tried to kill her. Her mom doesn’t believe her, we have seen this story element before. Stephanie Brown is drawn better but not by much, her mother is drawn plain. Stephanie Brown’s mom tells her not to worry and will pick her up where she is. After she hangs up we learn that her mom is working for her dad. This is a great and new twist because her mom was good before the New 52.

We cut to the GCPD as James Brad is settling in to his office while he updates Interim Commissioner Forbes on the gang war. Interim Commissioner Forbes tells James Brad to ignore the gang war and focus on Batman. In this scene James Brad and Interim Commissioner Forbes are both drawn great and detailed.

As the scene changes, we see Batman crash down through a window hitting two thugs. We have seen this many time before, hell it’s even used in most Batman live action movies. On the next page, Batman continues to beats up some more random thugs until someone in the background says no more. This is a generic fight scene but you can’t do much with one page. Carmine Falcone comes in and says Batman has no right to be here because he didn’t do anything, sure I believe you … not. Batman leaves with saying I’ll be watching you, why did he not kick Carmine Falcone’s ass? I would have. Carmine Falcone is not drawn as well as the last two issues, he looks a lot older in my opinion.

Batman returns to the Bat-cave to see Batgirl viewing data on the Jim Gordon incident. Alfred tells Batman that Batgirl won’t eat or sleep, obviously failed at calming her down earlier. Batgirl tells Batman that she is going after a guy. Batman sees that she doesn’t have proof and tries to stop her. Batgirl won’t listen and leaves to catch this person. I like this, I am really wondering what an angry driven Batgirl is like.

We return to Jim Gordon as he enters Blackgate Prison to learn that no one in the prison, not even the Warden, likes him. This really sets the mood of no hope and makes it looks like Jim Gordon is going through hell. Our story ends with Jim Gordon’s cellmate, Leo, telling him that he is going to die here. Leo is drawn great all gray and saggy, makes you believe he has been here a while. This was a real good issue, I had very few problems with this one and the problems I do have don’t hurt the book.