Batman_Eternal_Vol_1_2Welcome back! This week issue had a lot of plot to cover the story had to jump around from scene to scene like a Mexican jumping bean. As always every comic has a cover page at the start, so let’s begin our journey there. The cover the comic has two unknown guards escorting Jim Gordon in handcuffs going through an outline of Batman that looks like a door. This is a great cover because it’s simple and sets the mood of the story.

We begin the story at city hall where the Mayor and his assistant are talking about Jim Gordon incident from last issue. The Mayor is furious about the deserter, which is realistic because anyone in his position would and should be. As we turn the page we find our self’s is the local news room. There we are Introduced to the reporter Vicki Vale, a long time batman character but her first New 52 appearance. Vicki Vale is drawn sort of plan, she is supposes to be pretty being originally based on a modal. She is told by her boss, Warren, to write about the train incident but one of her co-worker said the company don’t have all the information. Her boss says to write the story anyways, great way to give yourself a bad name.

Bat Girl Jim Gordon’s daughter get the new about her father, and immediately takes off on her bike. The rest of the bat-family gets the new in their own way, their reactions to the news make sense to their character. They are all drawn the way we see in their own comics, the designs had nothing new to add to the comic. We cut again to Jim Gordon in jail feeling terrible about killing so many people, Batman is trying to comfort him by telling Jim Gordon he’s going to figure this out. This is an emotional and realistic moment between two good friends. Batman takes a sample of Jim Gordon’s blood before leaving.

Going back to city hall we see a man in the shadows is taking to the Mayor about the city and Jim Gordon. The Mayor obviously knows and fears this man, this shows that the criminal underworld still has a little control of Gotham. At the scene of the accident we find a man in a green suit observing the cleanup of the bodies. A female cop approaches the man to say he is not supposed to be here, the man looks in the cop’s eyes, as his eyes are glowing, and wipes her memory. This is really creepy and make me want to read more.

We cut to Arkham Asylum, where Doctor Phosphorus is yelling about the voices in head, a living skeleton called Blackfire appears and eradicates Doctor Phosphorus. This scene is trying to do some foreshadowing but in my opinion it doesn’t work. We cut back to Batman as he watches security tapes as Catwoman tries to sneaks up on Batman. Batman hears her and throw a bat-a-rang at her, witch miss. Catwoman comments on how Batman is tense and tries to flirt with him as he ignores her. This kind of relationship still work for them after all these years. Having no success Catwoman join Batman as they turn their focus to the security tapes. Batman see something that we get to see a look of pure shock on he’s face, something we rarely see and reinforces the fact that he is human.

Cutting back to the Mayor and the man in the shadows as he tells the Mayor how he is going to control the city. The man in shadows know how to invoke fear into the Mayor and a little bit in the reader. Retuning to Catwoman and Batman, Catwoman questions Batman as to tell her why he’s in a panic, like anyone in this situation should. Batman tells her about Professor Pyg’s henchman and who he really work for.

We find on the last page its Carmine Falcone, part of Batman’s oldest foes the Falcone Crime Family and the man in the shadows at city hall. Catwoman shows a shocked face, which looks really silly, as she realize who it is. Our story ends with Carmine Falcone declaring war on Gotham. He is drawn great and looks like a very dangerous guy like he should be. This issue jumps around from scene to scene, but if you read carefully you can get a good story.