This Week in Gotham #99


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Next week’s blog is the 100th “This Week in Gotham” blog.  However, this week we have our first ever Event Comic.  There are 6 books we are looking at today.  They are Supergirl #10, Dark Days: The Forge #1, Detective Comics #958, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11, Red Hood and the Outlaws #11, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #10.

Batgirl and Supergirl have to escape from inter-dimentional pirates in Supergirl #10.  While I’m enjoying this story line this issue could have been written a lot better.  There were moments where I felt disconnected from the story.  I don’t know I would have improved this although I hope the next issue is better written.

Time is running out for Batman as the Justice League comes closer to finding out one of his biggest secrets in Dark Days: The Forge #1.  Batman learns that all magical items are made from the same metal.  I like this concept as it ties the magic side of DC and Super Hero side together.  This whole story line is inspired by Heavy Metal music.  The problem is that while I love Heavy Metal I don’t know enough about it to get every reference. 

When a friend of the Bat Family shows up bloody and bruised the Bat Family investigates in Detective Comics #958.  This comic is all set-up for future comics.  There are a lot questions and zero answers.  I hope that the whole story line does not follow this pattern because I couldn’t handle that.  There are some great concepts in the latter half of this issue but the biggest problem is that we don’t know enough about the center character to care about the story and I would love if this character gets some development.

The Birds of Prey learn Oracles secret in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #11.  This is an issue that should have been two issues.  There is a lot going on that could have been spread out.  I enjoyed what was in there but I felt like this comic was rushed. 

The Red Hood has to stop a genocide from happening in Red Hood and the Outlaws #11.  This is the final battle of the current story arc so I am not going to tell you a lot of details.  I will say that I found this conclusion to be very satisfying and the ending leaves you with worry for a character.

Can Olivia snap out of her demonic possession in Gotham Academy Second Semester #10?  We have two issues left after this issue and I have to say I can’t wait for this comic to be over.  A lot of plot points in this issue I felt were rehashed from other issues.  I hope the last two issues can surprise me but at this point I am not holding my breath. 


This Week in Gotham #98


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 Welcome to the first week of the second year of DC Universe Rebirth.  We only have two books to start off this second year of comics.  The two books we are looking today are Batman #24 and Nightwing #22.

Gotham Girl gives Batman some much needed counselling in Batman #24.  This is an epilogue to the last year of Batman Comics.  This feels very rewarding when you get to the last page of the book.  The reason I say this is because it feels like the character of Batman is evolving.  The only problem I have is, is this for real or are they just saying it to troll the reader. 

The crime lord, Tiger Shark, is hunting Nightwing down in Nightwing #22.  This issue is a set-up issue for a larger story arc.  I don’t know if I enjoyed this particular issue or not due to the fact there is so much going on it is hard to wrap your heard around it.  What I can say though is that Nightwing kept a relationship that would have usually ended by now.  That’s different. 


This Week in Gotham #97


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This is the last blog of DC Rebirth Year 1.  There will be comics next week but none of them I write about on this site so there will not be a blog next week.  We only three books to review which are:  Detective Comics #957, Batman Beyond #8, and Batgirl #11.

The Spoiler does everything in her power to ruin Batman’s image in Detective Comics #957.  I’m not really sure if this meant to be a single issue story or a prologue to the next story arc.  It wasn’t that clear to me.  The story itself had some fantastic character development for Spoiler and I am really interested as to the author’s plans for this character.  On the flip side, the bad guy in this story was so forgettable that I can’t even remember his name.  If this is a prologue to another story arc and it has the same bad guy, it’s going to feel awkward.

Terry McGuiness has to fight his own combat suit in Batman Beyond #8.  This is another well written issue in this series, however, there was a lot of missed opportunities with his suit malfunctioning that the author could have written about.  I did not feel like Terry was in danger at any point and I also felt like that Bruce was over-reacting.  I know this is not the point that the author was trying to make but it really was hard for me to feel the way the author wanted me to feel. 

Batgirl learns that the Penguin is a really terrible Father in Batgirl #11.  This is the final chapter of the Son of Penguin story line and I’ve got to say it is one of my favourite Batgirl story lines in a long time.  This story is a decent allegory for an abusive relationship.  I can’t say if this story is a good representation of domestic violence because it looks different in every case.

This Week in Gotham #96


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Yet another weird week for the blog.  We have another Flash comic to review as The Button story line ends.  The five books we are talking about this week are The Flash #22, Batman #23, Nightwing #21, Batwoman #3, and Super Sons #4.

Batman and the Flash try to save two lives with little success in the Flash #22.  If you are expecting some sort of answers for the question the story asks, you’re not going to get them.  This ending of The Button story line was the lowest the part of this four issue story.  The main problem is that it’s a set up for a story line called Superman: Doomsday Clock and for that we will have to wait until frigging November.

Batman and Swamp Thing team up to solve the murder of Swamp Thing’s father in Batman #23.  I don’t know important this story is to the overall Batman narrative due to the fact that it is a single issue story line.  As for the story itself, it’s a well written story however the way that it ends you can’t help but hate Swamp Thing.  I don’t know if this was the author’s intention or if there was a hidden meaning behind the story.

Dick Grayson and the original Wally West have a guy’s night out in Nightwing #21.  Never thought I had to address this on my blog!  There are two characters with the same name as Wally West.  I’m not going into more details because it will get confusing as I don’t have ten pages to talk about this.  Nightwing #21 is a fun issue.  This story takes a break from the serious and dark tone that the Nightwing comic has been going for and just shows two best friends and what they will do for each other.  Like Batman #23, it’s a one issue story that I very enjoyed and highly recommend it to anyone who is a Nightwing fan.

Batwoman tries to go undercover but her crazy ex-girlfriend ruins it in Batwoman #3.  Unlike the previous issues, this issue is more of a ‘meh’ than anything else.  The biggest problem I have is the fact that it feels like a single scene stretched out to fit a whole comic. 

Lastly, Robin and Super Boy have to face off against Kid Amazo in Super Sons #4.  This series keeps getting funnier and funnier and we are just in the fourth issue.  When you get to the end of this comic and you are not laughing you have no soul.  I can’t wait for the next issue and it takes a really good comedy comic to get me to that point. 

This Week in Gotham #95


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It’s another weird week for this blog.  We have a Supergirl comic to review.  In total we have six books to review.  They are Supergirl #9, Detective Comics #956, All*Batman #10, Red Hood and the Outlaws #10, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #9. 

Supergirl and Batgirl team up to escape the Phantom Zone in Supergirl #9.  I have never reviewed a Supergirl comic on this site before so this is new.  I enjoyed this series but not as much as the new 52 Supergirl series.  This issue finally makes this series worth reading in my opinion.  I’m interested if this will affect the Batgirl comic at all or if it will just be contained to the Supergirl comic.

Batman and Cassandra Caine make their final stand against the League of Shadows in Detective Comics #956.  This is the last chapter of the League of Shadows story line.  I am unable to talk about much.  I can say that the ending to this story felt very rewarding for Cassandra Caine’s character.  If you enjoy this story line I think you are going to find the ending to be very satisfying. 

Batman is in a race to capture Hush only to find a message from the past in All*Batman #10.  While Hush is in this story he is not the focus of this story line.  In fact I am a bit confused as to why they even put Hush into this comic at all.  If you took the Hush element out of this story it would have not made much of a difference.

Each of the outlaws faces their own problems in Red Hood and the Outlaws #10.  There are three different story lines going on in this issue.  Each story line focuses on one aspect of each of the three main character’s life.  The major problem I had with this issue is we see the Red Hood reliving a certain moment of his life that we have seen countless times before.  The thing is we just visited that event ten issues ago.

Batgirl and Huntress have to save Black Canary from the hands of Blackbird in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10.  This issue feels like a rushed ending to the Blackbird story line.  I would have loved to see this issue split into two parts.  I felt that there was a lot of unanswered questions that would have been best answered in this story line.

Olivia has a spirit of vengeance inside of her in Gotham Academy Second Semester #9.  This series went from a teenage trauma to a creepy supernatural revenge story.  Now this series has always had a supernatural element but never this intense.  I just hope that this story line will not be written as badly as Paranormal Activity.

This Week in Gotham #94


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 This is the last month of DC Universe Rebirth year one.  This means we are half way through DC’s two year plan.  To start off this month we have only two books to review.  Batman #22 and Nightwing #20. 

Batman and the Flash return to the Flashpoint Universe where they meet up with the Batman of that time line in Batman #22.  For those who don’t know the Batman in the Flashpoint time line is Bruce Wayne’s father.  For more information read the story line Flashpoint.  As for the story itself the whole issue is a conversation where Bruce Wayne shows his vulnerability at the sight of his father who is dead in the main time line.  This shows a completely new side of Batman which we have never seen and I very much enjoyed how human the writer made Batman.

Nightwing has to battle hallucinations to save Robin in Nightwing #20.  As this is the end of a story line I am not going to talk a lot about the plot.  The last chapter of Nightwing Must Die ends in a way that you feel satisfied with only some of the plots being ended in a well written way.  The problem is not everything is ended in a well written manner.  I hope in the next story line we can feel more closure with this story.

This Week in Gotham #93


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What sorcery is this?  We have a Flash comic to be reviewed on a Batman Blog.  Truth be told, I am glad that another superhero that doesn’t usually cross over with Batman has done just that.  With The Flash #21 we also have Detective Comics #955, Batman Beyond #7, and Batgirl #10 to review.  Let’s get the show on the road.

After finding his friend beaten up and his arch enemy disintegrated, the Flash continues the investigation of the button in The Flash #21.  All the great parts of this issue I can’t talk about because they would be spoilers.  But what I can say is that the writer of The Flash has melded his writing style with the writing style of Tom King so perfectly that it seems natural.  That is a hard feat to accomplish.

When the rest of the Bat Family is captured it is up to Cassandra Cane to beat her mother in Detective Comics #955.  This feels a bit like a copy of the previous issue which is surprising to me because this the first time this series has done something like this since its revival last June.  Plain and simply most of this book is nothing more than filler and filler issues are rarely good. 

Can Terry McGuiness get to the Gotham police department before the League of Assassins kill everyone in Batman Beyond #7?  Up to now the Batman Beyond comics have been really good.  This is the first issue where it is just OK.  The story could have been told in half the issue instead of the whole book.  I’m not turned off of this series but I am hoping this is just a hic-up in the road.

Being the son of the Penguin can’t be good for any child.  The Penguin’s son deals with his Dad by stalking his girlfriend Batgirl in Batgirl #10.  This is an interesting concept.  Batgirl does not want to be with the Penguin’s son anymore but is still with him to investigate him.  This story line has delved into exploring abusive relationship but has not gone far enough to really convey a message.  I hope by the end of this story line whether it is the next issue or the story after, there is a message.  When an author   writes a story about abuse in any form the author need to leave the reader with a message about your thoughts on the topic.

This Week in Gotham #92


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 This week starts the four part Batman crossover with the Flash.  Next week we will take a look at our first Flash comic on this site.  We have five books to look at this week and they are:  Batman #21, All*Star Batman #9, Nightwing #19, Batwoman #2, and Super Sons #3.

The greatest mystery in the DC Universe picked up with Batman to figure out the meaning of the smiley face button in Batman #21.  If you were a fan of the Flash Point storyline, you are going to love this comic.  The interesting thing about this issue is that most of it takes place over a single minute.  You would think that a minute would not be a lot of time but there is a lot of character development and some amazing moments.

Batman and Ra’s Al Gul battle it out in Washington, DC in All*Star Batman #9.  This book is still confusing.  I barely know what is going on, maybe it is just me not paying as much attention as I need to but there is something that is charming about the book.  My advice is wait until the whole series is out in graphic novel form and just binge read because you just real need to not take breaks between chapters to understand the whole story. 

Nightwing convinces his girlfriend to help him rescue Damion in Nightwing #19.  So I have mixed feelings about this issue.  On one hand it is a fantastically written story with showing the darker side of Nightwing, on the other hand why is Nightwing’s girlfriend helping fight when she could be pregnant. 

Batwoman continues her journey into her past in Batwoman #2.  This issue has a bit of everything, former girlfriends, action, and mystery.  I really like the character development in this story.  My worries were about how they would bring Batwoman’s sexuality into the story.  This issue reintroduced it in a very natural way. 

Robin and Superboy  face off against Kid Amazo in Super Sons #3.  I am so glad that DC is not entirely forgetting the New 52.  This story is a continuation of a storyline from Justice League #35 to #39.  I just have a lot of fun reading this series.  I can’t wait for the next issue and that is what a comic book should make you feel.


This Week in Gotham #91


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 Up here in Canada it snowed again, it’s friggin April!  This week we have four books, they are Detective Comics #954, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #9, Red Hood and the Outlaws #9, and Gotham Academy Second Semester #8. 

Batman and Ra’s Al Gul face off in a mental battle in the Bat Cave in Detective Comics #954.  There is a lot of talking in this issue.  However it is written very well.  Issue #954 goes over the history between Batman and the League of Assassins.  I’m unsure if most of it was necessary but it was a good comic nonetheless. 

Black Canary goes undercover in an assassin training school in Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #9.  It’s been a while since Black Canary had an issue all to herself and unlike her solo series this one didn’t suck.  The writing was excellent and the way the story unfolded felt very natural.  My only complaint is that Batgirl and the Huntress had a small cameo at the end but it wasn’t needed.

The Outlaws go to the Middle East to find Artemis’ sister in Red Hood and the Outlaws #9.  While I enjoyed the story of this issue, I’m just worried that it came out at the wrong time.  What I mean by that is it could be interpreted as making light of what happened in Syria last weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a good story.  I just feel like they could have picked a different location. 

Olivia gets possessed by a witch from long ago in Gotham Academy Second Semester #8.  Our final comic of the week had a good story but I think they could have gotten away with using more horror elements.  This comic played it safe and in parts a little too safe. 



This Week in Gotham #90


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I was going to put out a movie review but this site doesn’t have the budget for it.  So you are stuck with comics.  This week we have three books, Batgirl Annual #1, Batman #20 and Nightwing #18.

Batgirl and Supergirl have to team up for the first time to free someone from the Phantom Zone in Batgirl Annual #1.  I have been asking for this team-up for almost three years.  The story is well written.  I can’t decide if this comic was part of a natural story telling process or an attempt to get people to buy the Supergirl comic.  The reason why I say this is due to the fact that this story will continue solely in the Supergirl comic. 

Batman has to fend off Bane for one more night in Batman #20.  The good thing about this issue and this story as a whole is that we get some great character development for Bruce Wayne.  However, this story is supposed to take place over the course of five nights and I have to say it’s just not possible, unless seventy percent of the story takes place on the last night.  I highly recommend reading the story “I Am Bane”.  I just think you should ignore most of the time placement.

Nightwing and Robin have to save Nightwing’s girlfriend from Professor Pyg in Nightwing #18.  This comic could have been a lot darker.  If you like disturbing imagery in your comics, this is the comic for you.